One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Monday, April 25, 2011 update!

I have been pretty bad about posting on my blogs lately. So, here I am trying to make up for lost time. This big fella is another stray cat I rescued this winter. Most of the winter he'd come and hang out on the porch for food. He would not approach me for 3 months. My way of taming them? YUMMY FOOD! I would buy his favorite chicken dish and feed it to him two to three times a day. He finally trusted me enough to let me pet him and soon there after, I brought him inside. I keep the newbies in my sunroom for a while before I introduce them to the others. He is a big kitty and was kind of difficult to bring in. But once inside I found he had scabs all over his head and his coat was disgusting and smelled. So, believe it or not, I gave him a bath. Yep the very day I brought him in. I have done this for all three kitties I rescued this year. At first they all seemed feral, but after months of getting their trust, they all are sweet as can be!!! This fella turned out to be a cuddle bug and extremely affectionate.

I have two more kitties still outside. They come eat at night. I will have to trap them. I have no more room in the house. My husband is getting a bit frustrated, but I cannot take these newly rescued kitties to a shelter. They might not have a good chance there. No kill or not. Ohio is not very friendly to their pets. I have found. I just neutered my neighbors cat. I did tell him I'd do it. He was okay with it..I mean who wouldn't be happy about free vet care, right? It irritates me in a way because I could be using that money for a feral cat! uggh. But I cannot let a cat roam around knowing he can impregnate another cat! GRRR!

Anyway, I am trying to find some help with TNR in my area. There are lots of people who need help here!