One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stray Cat Update

Since my last report. Tucker the gray and white tuxedo stray has become a resident along with Teddy Bear. They are very happy here. The black n white tuxedo I took to a no kill shelter. They have said that he had gotten a home, so I am happy about that. Though, he was super friendly, my household kitties never took to him. Tucker and Teddy though are a part of the family. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

~Another stray ready to get clipped~

I brought in one of the other strays (in the sunroom that is) He is getting neutered tomorrow, so I need to monitor his food intake tonight. He would rather be outside. And once he is fixed, I will probably let him back out. He'll have to be a TNR. I cannot keep adopting more kitties. No one wants to adopt an older kitty. It is so tough for me. This boy is such a nice kitty too. Outside Tucker would chase him. But here they are laying next to one another. I am sure Tucker had nothing to do with it. LOL But, this kitty is obviously wanting some friendship. I had to take this picture. LOL

I received my new insulated cat house today. Another one. This one I am hoping will be more appealing for the kitties to go into. Though, it is tiny and will house only one. It is enough. I have my garage set up as well. So, we will see who claims this, if any.

My vet bills this month are $300. Yikes. That is not included the $300 I already spend on food, etc. Remember that I sell my art for this cause. MY ETSY shop is having a 30% off sale: just use coupon code: ILOVEKITTIES Thanks for your support.

~Update on Stray~

Well, the same day I posted about this was like a miracle. I took food out to the garage. Opened the can right there...and he meowed and jumped out of his bed and ran to me. Rubbed all over me. Funny how 3 months of skittishness and he turned out to be as sweet as an be. My husband was amazed because he definitely thought he was feral. This picture was after a bath. Yep, the 2nd day he was in the house, I had to subject him to a real soaking in the tub with shampoo. And he did marvelously. I am sure he hated it but he did not get pissed, he just was scared. He is such a sweet kitty. No one has claimed him yet and I have more than 4 people on Craigslist interested. It is such a shame though that not as many people are interested in other breeds, because I have so many more needing homes. Oh well. At least this little guy will have a forever home soon.

Monday, January 17, 2011

~Stray Cat Haven~

Here are two of the four stray cats that I have been feeding. The Siamese has been camping out in my garage. I keep food, water, a litter box and plenty of beds in there to stay away from the elements. He or she was very skittish the last month, but now has been gaining my trust. At least enough to meow when I call "here kitty kitty" and put food out. He knows who's his provider at this point. The tuxedo cat is friendly and I am going to get his neutered this week. The expenses for this winter are gonna be high, but worth it as these guys need taken care of. Once the Siamese is accustomed to me, then I will get him/her fixed. I sure hope it is a male though, cuz a brood of babies would not be good. Anyway, I am in desperate needs of funds, so the fund raiser will take place starting next week. ALL THINGS KITTY. A collection of Folk Art I have collected will go on auction on Ebay. Thanks again to all those who have helped out in the past.