One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Monday, January 17, 2011

~Stray Cat Haven~

Here are two of the four stray cats that I have been feeding. The Siamese has been camping out in my garage. I keep food, water, a litter box and plenty of beds in there to stay away from the elements. He or she was very skittish the last month, but now has been gaining my trust. At least enough to meow when I call "here kitty kitty" and put food out. He knows who's his provider at this point. The tuxedo cat is friendly and I am going to get his neutered this week. The expenses for this winter are gonna be high, but worth it as these guys need taken care of. Once the Siamese is accustomed to me, then I will get him/her fixed. I sure hope it is a male though, cuz a brood of babies would not be good. Anyway, I am in desperate needs of funds, so the fund raiser will take place starting next week. ALL THINGS KITTY. A collection of Folk Art I have collected will go on auction on Ebay. Thanks again to all those who have helped out in the past.

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