One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Monday, September 12, 2011

My newest project

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Make yourself at home!

 Timmy found a forever home is in Virginia with Peggy Carey.  I drove and met her halfway in PA.  Timmy has his own Facebook page and I love watching him get big.  We miss Timmy!
Sugar Pop Swap is still here.  She is just one of the crew.  She does love it here and I am not really trying to place her yet.  I am waiting for that perfect somebody.  She is kind of quarky, so I am protective of her.  Many people want to adopt the perfect pet.  She is not too much of a lap cat, but she is hilarous!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Needs Forever Home

This adorable baby is on Petfinder and Craigslist. He is 9 weeks old and just a loveable little boy. He is current with shots, dewormed and house trained. He likes older cats and people. Should be great with kids.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Newest Stray Cat

This de-clawed Maine Coon mix is the sweetest. But, she won't leave. She camps out at my back door, wanting food and attention. She has to have a home. Why isn't someone looking for her? It looks like I am definitely walking the neighborhood. I treated her for fleas, just in case. But, I cannot bring her in. One more stray cat and my resident cats will not be happy and I just don't have the room. I need to find her home or find her a new one soon!!!

UPDATE: This kitty found a new family just a few weeks later.  I did bring her in, but none of the other kitties liked her. She found a good home with a family, kids, dog and kitten.  She should be getting tons of attention.

Friday, July 29, 2011

~I'm either lost or I would rather live here~

This is a stray (someone's lost pet) She is spayed and declawed. She has been camping out in my garage and yard the past month. She gets good food and water, but I have brought her inside to stay in my office. She is not getting along with my resident cats, so she is confined in there. I put a poster up at the post office and will have put more up elsewhere and call the Humane Society to see if anyone is looking for her. I might have to walk the neighborhood..Yeah..I love that NOT! I just don't understand people. If you lost your pet wouldn't you do the same? Post an add, walk the neighborhood, put fliers up? She sure is a sweet heart!

Just chillin..

Its just these two left. Miracle has to stick around for a little while. The gray one is up for adoption. I will be reposting him on craigslist this weekend.

Found Their Forever Homes

I am a little late posting this, but this past Sunday, these two cuties went home. The tabby has a miniature Dotson to play with and the Manx has a big brother. I am happy for them. And I am sure they are getting loads of attention.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~Get Your Super-Size Photo' Here~

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~Truly a Miracle~

Over three days (4th of July weekend) We were able to raise all the money to save this little ones life. Thanks to many people who gifted both money, prayers and spreading the word. Miracle received her surgery on July 8th at the Metro Hospital in Akron. She is doing better now and has her first follow up visit tomorrow. I hope we get good news. Not as big a poo as I would like, but time will tell. We are now starting to take applications for her adoption. Three people from all over the US. Seattle, Chicago and Maryland. Wow, that really is across country. We have a committee on Facebook that will determine who will be the lucky parent/parents of this little one. There is a big responsibility, since she is famous, to keep up her community.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saying Goodbye

These two brothers went to their forever homes today. I am thrilled they could stay together. I always like when they have a buddy with them. We will miss you! Their siblings already are missing them. Hopefully they will be adopted soon too! Good Luck babies!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

~Needing Forever Homes

Application required
Adoption Fees: $35 (includes deworming, Distemper shot)

The Vet said that they are too young for FLiv/FIV because they could get a false positive and be negative at 6 months of age. So, I did a test on one of them and it read negative. Please be advised that when adopting a new pet to have them checked if you have other cats in the house.

I personally do not believe in killing cats that have or carry this disease. You can ask many experts and they can live healthy lives late into there teens.

~A famous little baby~

Thanks to all of her supporters, Miracle Manx has received her surgery. She is recovering now and is at a critical part. She has yet to use her new colon and sphincter so we are praying that she can recover properly with no complications. If she does not produce a bowel movement in the next couple days, she will need to pay a visit to her friends at the ER again. She is a fighter!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Please Help Save My LIFE!

Please Help Save My LIFE! The kitten's colon does not meet up with her intestines. Therefore she is pooping out of her vulva. She will die if not treated. Surgery is required. Please help if you can, spread the word. If you can help, please let me know..Prayers needed!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Cuteness..

These little poopers are so darn cute. I had to move them all to the bathroom. They really wanted out of that cage. The bathroom is the safest place for any "accidents" lol They are all friendly. Sometimes a little skittish. I am going to Petsmart today to get them a cat tree to practice climbing. Not that I can afford one...jeez. My kitty expenses are through the roof! Oh well.

These two are the big kids on the block. They are showing everyone how to go to the potty in the proper place and how to wrestle. It is amazing how much bigger they are to the others. I attribute that to lots of FOOD. They had a week head start of packing on the pounds!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pennsylvania Farm Feral Kitten Rescue Continued

Well, we made it. I am so happy Robin was able to capture these little ones. 4 hour drive, we all beat. Kittens did very well, except they wanted to talk to me halfway there. When I was quiet, they'd fall asleep. Then when I yelled at a driver, they got vocal again. lol You can tell they are tuckered out. I fed them, now it is time for a nap. The two light orange, I rescued last week seem to be chubbers compared to the new guys. That's what good food will do. We'll put some weight on them soon enough!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pennsylvania Farm Feral Kitten Rescue

I drove 4 hours to rescue these two cuties from a farm in Western Pennsylvania. There are three more that we could not catch, so we are hoping to try to get them soon. So, I will be driving back to get them. Funds are tight here, so if you would like to help with the care of these cuties. You can send funds via paypal. I cannot accept formal donations, so I am offering my beautiful angel cards. Any number of my prints to my "helpers"


Here is a slide show of the cards available.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011 update!

I have been pretty bad about posting on my blogs lately. So, here I am trying to make up for lost time. This big fella is another stray cat I rescued this winter. Most of the winter he'd come and hang out on the porch for food. He would not approach me for 3 months. My way of taming them? YUMMY FOOD! I would buy his favorite chicken dish and feed it to him two to three times a day. He finally trusted me enough to let me pet him and soon there after, I brought him inside. I keep the newbies in my sunroom for a while before I introduce them to the others. He is a big kitty and was kind of difficult to bring in. But once inside I found he had scabs all over his head and his coat was disgusting and smelled. So, believe it or not, I gave him a bath. Yep the very day I brought him in. I have done this for all three kitties I rescued this year. At first they all seemed feral, but after months of getting their trust, they all are sweet as can be!!! This fella turned out to be a cuddle bug and extremely affectionate.

I have two more kitties still outside. They come eat at night. I will have to trap them. I have no more room in the house. My husband is getting a bit frustrated, but I cannot take these newly rescued kitties to a shelter. They might not have a good chance there. No kill or not. Ohio is not very friendly to their pets. I have found. I just neutered my neighbors cat. I did tell him I'd do it. He was okay with it..I mean who wouldn't be happy about free vet care, right? It irritates me in a way because I could be using that money for a feral cat! uggh. But I cannot let a cat roam around knowing he can impregnate another cat! GRRR!

Anyway, I am trying to find some help with TNR in my area. There are lots of people who need help here!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~Homeless kitties in the cold~

I have neutered and brought in 3 of the strays this winter. I thought I only had one or two left. One of them comes and sleeps on my porch at night and waits for me to feed him. He has been camping out (just on the bed that I have out there). I have two feral houses on the porch but he has refused to go inside them. So, today I set up a little fort. I placed one of his beds and an insulated house (with the door taped open) in hopes that he will at least stay covered from the harsh wind. I also put another feeding station and a bed/blanket inside a cardboard box on the other side of the porch. Last night I got woken up to a cat stand-off. Another kitty. Actually one I saw a while back (another tuxedo) It was pouring freezing rain..and here they are standing in it ready to throw down. I had to put on my coat and walk toward them to get them to run off. I hated chasing them off, but I did not know what else to do. A fight was inevitable. So, make that 3 cats rescued this winter and 3 more to go!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stray Cat Update

Since my last report. Tucker the gray and white tuxedo stray has become a resident along with Teddy Bear. They are very happy here. The black n white tuxedo I took to a no kill shelter. They have said that he had gotten a home, so I am happy about that. Though, he was super friendly, my household kitties never took to him. Tucker and Teddy though are a part of the family. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

~Another stray ready to get clipped~

I brought in one of the other strays (in the sunroom that is) He is getting neutered tomorrow, so I need to monitor his food intake tonight. He would rather be outside. And once he is fixed, I will probably let him back out. He'll have to be a TNR. I cannot keep adopting more kitties. No one wants to adopt an older kitty. It is so tough for me. This boy is such a nice kitty too. Outside Tucker would chase him. But here they are laying next to one another. I am sure Tucker had nothing to do with it. LOL But, this kitty is obviously wanting some friendship. I had to take this picture. LOL

I received my new insulated cat house today. Another one. This one I am hoping will be more appealing for the kitties to go into. Though, it is tiny and will house only one. It is enough. I have my garage set up as well. So, we will see who claims this, if any.

My vet bills this month are $300. Yikes. That is not included the $300 I already spend on food, etc. Remember that I sell my art for this cause. MY ETSY shop is having a 30% off sale: just use coupon code: ILOVEKITTIES Thanks for your support.