One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gorgeous Stray (one more added to my never ending drama)

Here is the lastest stray. I think he belongs to someone, but he has claimed my house. He is not neutered, so I am going to get him snipped this week. Yes, I will neuter a neighbors I bought the feral house for him since it is getting cold out. He has taken residency on my front porch where I put out a nice cozy bed on my patio furniture. The feral house with straw will be when it gets blustery out. It is a shame that people let their pets roam around because now that he is getting fed he will probably hang here "hoping" that he can come inside. He has attempted to come in and I think he would be comfortable here, but my other kitties are already sharing their home with a more and I will surely just call my house a cat sanctuary already!

More Strays, Colder Weather & Fun Items

I just purchase two feral cat houses last week. I have some kitties hanging round getting fed. I have too many inside to take anymore in. I have a foster stray that is as sweet as can be but does not get along with other kitties, so she is stuck in a room alone. Though, I spend a ton of time with her. She is such a doll baby and loves to be held like a new born baby. She would make a great baby for a single person because she is very devoted to her mom.

Currently I am coveting these cool boxes for the cats. They are awesome and would no doubt be great entertainment for them all. But with all the expense with spaying and neutering the new strays and purchasing cat houses I don't think I should purchase frivolous items right now. 

Caroline's Kids Cat Sanctuary

Inspirational! Love it!

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