One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

~Chloe Update~

This is Chloe. I did not remember if I posted her story yet. Back in September, I scooped her up on the way home from a football game. She was roaming around a semi busy street near a deserted farm. When I grabbed her she was supper friendly and I knew she had to have belonged to someone. But, I took her in anyway. I did not notice till the next day that she must have just given birth. I was heart broken, because her babies were abandoned. The farm she was at was too big and I walked to it to see if I could hear anything. Nothing. So, I decided that one rescue was better than none. It is always a hard thing for me knowing I missed saving lives. I did not know what else to do. Release her and let her fend for herself. I doubt her new born babies would have lasted the two days that I had her. But this all seems familiar. People dumping their pregnant or young families off at farms, thinking that is where they will survive. Anyway, my intention was to have her spayed and put her up for adoption. Though, I rarely adopt kitties out that are adults and my only means is Craigslist. So, I adopted her myself. I have more kitties than I should, but definitely not enough to count as a hoarder by all But, Chloe was such a sweetie. When I rescued her she was only about 5 to 6 pounds. She is a spoiled kitty these days. She begs for food everytime I enter the kitchen. She is now a hefty 10lbs! WOW. She is happy and living a good life and making friends of my other kitties.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update on Homeless kitties

(photo from past kitten rescue file) :)

Hi all. It's been a while. Today I put together two of those feral cat houses. I have been leaving my garage open a smidgen for three feral cats that come around at night to eat. This morning I was rooting around in the back and scared a Siamese cat that was still hiding in a corner. He/she looks real thin, poor thing and I found some puke. So, he/she must have been gone without food for a while. Anyway, I decided to get those cat houses put together and put hay mixed with cat nip in side each one and stuck them in my garage. I have a small room extended off my two car garage that is used for the mower and is away from the cars, so I stuck them both back there. They will be far away from both wind and snow and have an insulated hiding spot as well. Hopefully, the three of them will share. I also put food and water on the table back there, because I have had other critters eating all their food. This way, the only critters that can get in are skunks and possums, but they can't climb up a table. So, hopefully all will be well. I know I am probably rambling on. I just wanted to update. I have not planned any trappings. I still have to figure out how that will work. Who knows if these kitties used to belong to someone. We will see.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gorgeous Stray (one more added to my never ending drama)

Here is the lastest stray. I think he belongs to someone, but he has claimed my house. He is not neutered, so I am going to get him snipped this week. Yes, I will neuter a neighbors I bought the feral house for him since it is getting cold out. He has taken residency on my front porch where I put out a nice cozy bed on my patio furniture. The feral house with straw will be when it gets blustery out. It is a shame that people let their pets roam around because now that he is getting fed he will probably hang here "hoping" that he can come inside. He has attempted to come in and I think he would be comfortable here, but my other kitties are already sharing their home with a more and I will surely just call my house a cat sanctuary already!

More Strays, Colder Weather & Fun Items

I just purchase two feral cat houses last week. I have some kitties hanging round getting fed. I have too many inside to take anymore in. I have a foster stray that is as sweet as can be but does not get along with other kitties, so she is stuck in a room alone. Though, I spend a ton of time with her. She is such a doll baby and loves to be held like a new born baby. She would make a great baby for a single person because she is very devoted to her mom.

Currently I am coveting these cool boxes for the cats. They are awesome and would no doubt be great entertainment for them all. But with all the expense with spaying and neutering the new strays and purchasing cat houses I don't think I should purchase frivolous items right now. 

Caroline's Kids Cat Sanctuary

Inspirational! Love it!

The Tragedy of Stray Cats

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mosie Woes

Remember Moses? He was on deaths door this last fall. He is still a feral, but is living a pretty good life indoors. He is used to me and will hang out and watch me on occasion but he runs away when I get up for any He is very pretty. These images are from my cell phone, so they are terrible. I just wanted to share his update. He is healthy and I suppose as happy as a wild cat in captivity can He will hid under my bed all day, especially if someone is at the house. He only comes out when I am alone. He is a bit odd as he likes to watch me from the hallway. He watches me sit on the toilet and watch tv...the toilet things is odd...but whatever right? I still wish I would have released him back to the alley last year, but ya know their life expectancy is so slim. Already one of the black kitties has died. She stopped coming by this last winter. Of course I don't live in Denver right now, so my dear friend Joan was left to the job of care taker. I sure hope those kitties are doing okay. I worry about them. Living in Ohio is like living in hell for me. I see dead animals on the roads everywhere. Even kitties. I saw two kittens on the side of the road right off of an exit to the mall. God only knows what happened there, but I had to say I prayer so I would not just bust out in tears....I hate it!!! Little baby kittens??? The horror of how they live here. I tell ya people everywhere are careless humans. The few I experience that rescue are angels and I blessed to know them, but they are far and few between in comparison to the crappy abusers and neglectful out there....dang I just vented up a storm...sorry. I just don't get it. I never will!!!

Foster Cats Need Homes

Gray is needing a forever home. I have mixed feelings about this one. As you can see she is pretty friendly. Part Siamese, so she is skittish, but is submissive when she wants to be. Because my husband wants me to downsize our foster program, I am forced to give up some of the cooler cats because Moses and Chin Chin ( you know the two wild cats) will not be able to be adopted out. It sucks because having them should not count..they require food water and litter, but hide most of the its like two of them don't Anyway, I have to find homes for 4 our of the 9 I have. It is very hard to find homes for adult cats, especially ones that are not as lovable as some. But this one is a great kitty. I wish I could keep her, but if she finds a good home with someone else, I have to accept it.

Petie's story

Petie..remember him. He was one of those rescue kitties from last summer...he may have found a home. I have to drive him about an hour and a half to it on Monday. I hope it works out. The family has had a Siamese before so they know they are skittish. They have two dogs, so hopefully he won't mind that too much. He is a sweet timid cat and will sit in your lap for hours if you coax him or go get Since I moved him to Ohio he has been sleeping and hiding in my dark dank basement because my alpha "Dana Bo Bana" chases him and he just freaks out. He is the only kitty out of all the fosters that cannot deal with her. Everyone else just accepts that she is the house ruler. But poor Petie is so scared he never comes up and enjoys the house. It is so sad....So, I am praying that he is happy with his new home. I will keep you posted as they said he will be returned if it does not work. But we always hope for a happy ending...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

~lil poopers found a home~

A nice family of 4 has adopted the rescue kitty today. He was not too happy about leaving as he was having so much fun with all the big kitties. But his new home will be full of love and all the human attention he could ever need. I know he will miss Buddy, but he will bond very nicely will his new human family, I think. He was so very sweet. I will miss him. Now...I have 4 more fosters waiting for homes....I sure hope Pete gets one soon. He needs a real family of his own to give him lots of love.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

~Abandoned Kitten Rescue~

Here is my first kitten rescue in the state of Ohio. LOL He is a little trooper. His paws were burnt and blistery. Poor thing. But he is the sweetest kitten I have ever rescued, that is for sure. I do have to find him a home. As I also have to find homes for 5 of the fosters I still have!!! It is harder to find homes for the adults and it breaks my heart. I don't want to have to take any of the to the shelter. So, if you know anyone wanting a kitten or cool cat...please contact me. I am willing to drive up to 4 hours to deliver them. That is the states of Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky I believe.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~Sleepy Kitties~

Lazy days at the Carter house, as always. This is their favorite spot. Tons of birds outside to watch, but the usual activity is snoozing! lol The kitties are all doing fine, except Petie. Whom still hangs out in the basement because Dana likes to terrorize him. I need some homes for some of these kitties. If you are in Ohio (heck even another state away) and would like a shy Siamese boy...please consider him. He is a lap cap for sure, just is skittish around people. He should have no problem bonding with someone without any other cats.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We made it

If you are wondering how I managed to bring them all across country. You'd be amazed what you can do with storage bins. Most had their individual bin with a litter box. I had to scare Moses and Chin Chin into a big dog kennel the morning of the drive. That was traumatic, but it looks like everyone is over the shock of the trip. They are enjoying the new home almost as much as me. lol But, everyone lost their outdoor privileges due to Ohio's insect problems. Oh well, they get to hang out in the windows all day long. At least till the heat wave of summer comes along. Thanks everyone for your prayers as we traveled 1600 miles and 2 days.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adorable Video

The move is only 4 days away. I am ready emotional, almost physically and praying for an easy transition for Moses and Chin Chin into their kennel for transport. I had to literally drop trap them to get spayed and neutered. Mind you they already lived in my house!! LOL Anyway...I am living in my bedroom with all the cats. NOT sleeping much at night. I have bins set up for each cat with a litter box and a place to sleep. I am very nervous about this process and want it to be as stress free as I can, but realize that will NOT be happening either. Please pray for all the kitties and their travels! I will share pictures when I get situated in Ohio.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mary a feral kitten

Here is my latest capture. She's the last kitten from the alley. One alley that is. LOL She was the unfortunate one to get left behind when I trapped all the Siamese. She is so cute. But, she will get returned to her home in a couple days. I wish I could tame all the feral kitties.