One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kitten talk

If you follow this blog, you know about the little Siamese that was a hisser and then turned to mush after I pet her. Well, here she is. Look at those eyes. She is still very weary, but moving her into the library with everyone has been great for her. She doesn't hide ALL the time. I set a bed up for her in a nice spot where she could feel hidden. This is not that spot, but she is being really brave staying there each time I come in. I named her Chin Chin..I know funny, huh? Well, she has the fur of a chinchilla. Gosh if you have never felt Chinchilla...OMG. I have the luxury of being around fur coat companies when I am in the mountains and I tried one on. Like butter. I am not advocating the fur trade. I am just using it as an example. Anyway, Chin Chin is going to be our forever cat. My husband does not know, but I doubt she will ever adjust to anyone else. She is soooo soft though who could not want her. heehee.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feral Cat Day!

Yep. I never knew it existed either. Thanks to all who care like Alley Cat Allies and Rocky Mountain Alley Cat many more. I hope we all can take a moment to do something to help. One....stop leaving your cats behind!! Or how bout, think before you get yourself a pet. There are too many people who do not care and it devastates me to think just how many. I am dealing with a situation here. A family down the block moved to England and left this sweat kitty to freeze and starve. I will have to capture him or her and take it to the Max Fund ( A no kill shelter) I have way to many in my home now to add another, unfortunately and it seems no one in my neighborhood is nice enough to do the same. Let's pray that we can all make a difference. More importantly is to educate people. Thanks for everyone who follows me lowly blog and all the generous donations that I have received. Without you I could not make it happen!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I spy a kitty?

Oh what the library has endured the last year. Poor leather chair. Getting beat up. Whatever right? My brother told my husband whatever meant F' it/you. LOL I said it to my husband the other day. That was funny! Now he gets it though...and says,"that's messed up." Still funny!
So, the kitty I spayed yesterday is hiding under the chair. She is still her old self. Hiss then mush after I touch her. The magic touch. Someday, she will get sick of hiding! Thanks again to Joan for taking the wild male. He was too big for socialization, so she took him in. She named him Moses. Too Cute. He is pissed to high heaven right now, though. In a cage...uggh. I hate it, but he has to get used to his new home first.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pete & Suede

Pete & Suede, yep I named them at the vet. LOL I put them in the library, so I could trap the other two in the laundry room for their surgery today. That was rather frustrating, we were not prepared and I had a headache. So, Pete & Suede will have the library now because I think they need more human contact as well. I am in there a lot, so it is better than the laundry room. I broke down and place them on Craigslist. I hate doing that because I like to make sure I am getting a good home. I'd rather keep them than send them off to such a thing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SNIP SNIP today!

I took these two to the vet this morning. The Siamese was crying the whole time. Poor thing was so scared. I'll have to keep them in the library for the night. I have to trap the two wilder ones tomorrow morning. I was thinking of using my drop trap, but I am worried about how this will work and if they will even get under it. Thank god for my friend taking the oldest one off my hands. He will be in a kennel in her house coming out of surgery. He will be hating humans for a while. But he will have a warm home, food and other animals to hang with. So I am happy for him.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kitten Pictures Vault

Okay, I feel bad. Yes, I have not blogged in what feels like a very long time. I finished my last week of 2nd term. I have one week off, so I am making feral cat shelters with my friend and neighbor Joan. I am also clipping the 4 kittens this week. Joan is going to take the larger "wild" Siamese. I still have not found homes for the other 3. I will probably keep one of the other Siamese, because she turns to mush when you pet her, but is still a "hiss & runner" so, she will take a lot of work. But, I am hoping when I can get her alone for a long time, she will eventually be okay to some degree. They are getting so big I worry that I won't find homes for my two other kittens. Uggh, if I could keep them. Cat lady for sure! (These images are of the litter I rescued in May. They all got loving homes within a few days. Can you see why? All together now...AWWWWWE!