One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Friday, July 31, 2009

~Rescue Kitties Blog Giveaway~

Welcome to my very first blog giveaway (for this site, anyway)
It is a Gritty Jane style doll. A girl dressed up like a kitty!
All you need to do is follow this blog. If you already follow, this blog, leave a comment and you will receive two entries. For a third entry, you can post this on your blog. Some of you already have a link to this site that stays forever... Remind me that you do and you will get another entry. There are a possible 4 entries available per person! Drawing will take place August 13th. Good Luck!

Look at that face

I have not named the kitties. I usually don't if I am intending to find them homes. This one is the female that was sick. She still has a bit of a runny nose, but she is doing just fine. Feral still because I cannot really carry her or much else. The only thing she does is lay in this basket and accept the love and strokes from me every hour or so. She loves it so. I think after a while she will be a perfect lap cat. Her sibling, the real big feral is still doing the same thing. He will let me pet him, when he is up on his cabinet. I am pretty sly about it, so it works, but he is going to take a long time. He may never be the perfect pet, but I hope he will get comfortable enough.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A wonderful surprise

Cris of Mommy's Midwest Mountain Folk Art, sent me a surprise. A custom painting. It really looks like me and my the Siamese. I was so moved by it, I got tears in my eyes. She wrote on the card:

"This is just a little surprise for you. Kitty lovers everywhere appreciate your efforts!"

Wasn't that the sweetest? I will cherish this, forever. Thanks so much, Cris!! XXOOXXOO

The New Feral

I wanted to post a picture of the new feral kitten. Look how scare he is! Poor kitty. I woke up to them sleeping in the laundry basket, so I grabbed that plant and took it out. I was not keen on them getting all wet and dirty. So I placed small blankets on top of the cabinet, instead. The somewhat tame, sibling is back to sleeping in her favorite basket...where she gets all the love she wants, when I enter. The other two are playing and doing just fine, with the occasional hiss, but that is normal. Once I touch them, they are okay. Funny, how that is.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is what I woke to this morning. The new feral is sharing his hide out with his sibling. So, what do I do? I sneak up there and start petting them both. The new one was trapped under his sister, so he did not move. I gave them about 5 minutes of strokes. Too funny. I am not sure if that will make him more comfortable. But, he did not hiss. So, that is a start. I am just going to let his sister be with him as much as she wants. She knows once I start petting her, what it is all hopefully she will pass that on to her brother. (I say brother, but I really don't know the sex, yet..)

Then there are these two. They are smaller and less afraid. They love to be pet and even let me pick them up. They are still a bit standoffish for about a second, but they are totally fine with kisses on the head. I am feeling a little better, I just have to be patient with the new one. Give him some time to adjust.

Monday, July 27, 2009

One Wild Ride

OMG. What a nightmare. So, it rained the first try, then we went back out and finally caught us that feral kitten. I tried getting her into the kennel from the trap and well, she just flew out. This was in the laundry room, mind you, with the other kittens I rescued. The sibling (that I have been working on went nuts too; and they both climbed the dryer vent to get ontop of the cabinets. I tried getting one down and got bit. I thought, there goes my hard work. But, after the feral found himself a hiding spot in a plant I have up there. Everyone else calmed down. I spent some time with them and left talk radio and a little light on. I am glad I did try putting her in the kennel in the laundry room, though, because if this happened in the garage, that would be that. No more kitty and I doubt I would be able to trap him again. He looks big, too. God help me!

I am almost tempted to sleep in there, tonight. LOL on that hard floor, not a pretty picture. I may end up waking up to a feral kitten attack!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

OH NO!!!

I saw the larger Siamese's sibling in the alley tonight. Can you beleive it, another one? We waited in the alley with the trap for 45 minutes but he/she did not come out again. So, we are going to try again tomorrow night. Maybe it was a good thing I did not get him/her because I do not know if I should be putting him in the kennel (that is in the laundry room) with the other kitties. They are not in the kennel anymore, but I fear the first night would be stressful. I do not want to stress out the kitties that I have worked so hard on. Should I keep this new one seperated from these kittens till I can take him out of the cage or what? I am a bit clueless and now a little stressed. Just when I think I have it was down hill from here....this happens.

Ahhh much better

I forgot to mention, when I went to the vet to pick up CC's week 2 antibiotic. I told the vet I was giving it to this kitten. So, she gave me a bottle for her. She is already doing so well. Her eye is cleared up almost completely and she does not have a sneeze and her nose is drying up. The wound on her neck is pretty much all healed up. It is amazing with just some taking care of how quickly they can heal.

This picture is of her after I gave her a nice belly rub. She loves that. She is still skittish if I try to pick her up. But she is getting better everyday. This laundry basket I set up for her, is her favorite spot. She probably feels protected. I can imagine the yucky places they have slept. She is still skittish if I try to pick her up. But she is getting better everyday.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feral kittens (almost) no more

Since I let the kittens have the laundry room last night. They did not cry at 4am. Yippee. I spent quite a bit of time with them today. I had two loads of laundry to do, so I wanted to make sure they were okay. A new experience with the machines going. They got lots of picking up, petting and even kisses. I want them to be okay with a big human head up to theirs. So, I do this a lot. The sick kitty is feeling better and has been pretty scared when I pick her up. But, tonight I laid next to her and was rubbing her for a good twenty minutes, getting her belly. She loved that. Finally I placed my head next to hers and she was fine. She is coming along well. It is so weird how from one day to the next, with as much time as I work with them, they change so much. Honestly, I don't think anyone could give them as much love as they get from me. They are totally digging it. Every time I come in, every one of them has to get a rub down. Ahhhh and they just stretch out now and start funny. I really thought it would take weeks! I should get paid for this kind of thing. A feral kitten training camp!!! heehee. (sorry, it is late and I have no new picks.)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Real Progress

Late last night, I decided I wanted to feed them, so they might sleep in a little. When I was in there, I took the opportunity to try petting and lifting. They did okay. I woke up at 5 am instead of 4 am, so a little better. OMG, they were so anxious to get out that they were letting me pick them up. The sick one, not so much, she is a bit older and still is not keen on me moving her too much. But, that gray one was just so into it. I even walked him around the house. She (i think) did fine. So, this morning. I cleaned up their kennel, shoved stacks of towels around the washer and dryer, so they could not sneak behind it and set up a play area for them. They are happier, roaming around. I still get hisses when I walk up to them. They like it better when I am on their level. I try every chance I get to touch them and pick them up. I think that a few weeks from now, they will be almost as sweet as the last rescue kitties. Though, I know their new parents may have to earn their trust for a while. I have not found parents for them, yet. I am sure it won't take too long.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sneaking in the petting

Guess what? I snuck a couple pets in on those two meanies. hee hee They were napping a bit and I just went for it. The other Siamese was a bit more receptive. I went for her neck and she gave it up. She liked it and I even heard a purr. The gray one was squished behind the other Siamese, so as I was petting her, I reached and pet him/her, too. Funny he/she had no place to go. I have to keep sneaking these in because they still are not keen to the idea of just giving in. The sick one slept in my lap for almost an hour today. No purring and I cannot get my head to close. They all still hiss, but it as only been 5 days.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just an update

Doesn't she look better, already? It has been pretty easy so far to get this little one to take my eye drops. She is sick enough she still lets me pull her (ever so slightly) out of the kenel. I even put some of CC's antibiotic in a syringe and got it in her mouth. The vet did not prescribe a antibiotic, but I thought It won't hurt anything. I also added 10cc of water to her mouth, just in case she was not getting enough water. I was surprised she let me do that. Then she sat in my lap for a long time while I pet her. It is not the most comfortable for me, so i could only do it for about a half hour, but I did it twice today. I think if I let her she would sit in my lap for a long time. Funny, though, as soon as I start to put her back she realizes what's up and hisses at me. LOL Fickle little thing. That is why I can only set her in my lap on the floor near the kennel. Moving her anywhere would not work. At least I get to give some love.

The others are showing no signs of trust yet. They still love to see the other cats and end up crying at 4 am in the morning. That is always fun! NOT

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dr. Doolittle - Cat Wisperer

I took this little "female" Siamese to the vet this afternoon. What a mess. She did not like being handled by the vet, so she flew off the table and the vet said I will not be able to help her. She said that I would not be able to administer the eye drops that she needed. I said, sure I will, just give them to me. I got her back into the carrier by cornering her, so she had to go in. Luckily, I used the cat career that has the top opening as well. While she sat in there, I dropped the fluid into each eye, with no major problems. When I got her home, I kept her into he carrier and looked at her neck. I was able to cut away most of the hard crusty skin that was dangling to find a little gash about a quarter of an inch. I whipped it with some water and a q-tip. I hope it will be okay. The vet did not give me anything for her sneezing, but said it should run its coarse (or get worse) HUH? Oh for crying out load! So, this little one has been letting me touch her a little and I think it is because she is sick. But, I am wandering when she gets better will she remember that I was nice to her or will she revert to being a meanie?

Like this little one! Hissing and freaking out. I got bit by the other Siamese. My fault...they wanted out of the pen. I let them, but then the heck am I gonna get them back in there. That was a night mare. They were trying to climb the walls. I doubt they will get to come out of there for weeks now. I have a lot of work on them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Messy, stinky, sad little kitties

That is what they are. I originally had them in my craft closet in my office. But, they kicked out a bunch of litter onto my nice carpet, so I thought I'd move them into the laundry room. I do not care if they stink that room up. I do have to rig it up so there is no place to hide, before they get to venture out of their cage. They really wanted to today, when they saw Buddy. It is funny, I am making Buddy hang near their cage whenever I can. He hates it, but they love him. He looks like mama (but bigger) I think he really made them feel at ease, at least a little bit. They were shaking the other day, they were so scared. The bigger one, which I think belongs to that mama I fixed a while back (you know the one that was nursing at the time) She must be the lone survivor. Well, anyway, she let me move him a tiny bit when I was cleaning off their bedding and he even let me pet him for about 5 minutes. I found that she has a hard thing on his neck and has a tiny it of blood. So, thank the lord, she allowed me to touch him. I am gonna take her to the vet tomorrow and have them exam her. The other kittens look fine, so I will let them be for now.

Unbelievable people

I am sitting here writing this, just after I pretty much balled my eyes out. If you follow my story, you know that the neighbors in the alley that I have been rescuing are not happy about my mission. I ran into the main guy who is very frustrated at me. He wishes I would not feed them and well would not do anything with them. He says they had a cat problem, but I am making it worse. I said he sees the cats now because they are not afraid to come out during the day. He thinks he would be better off if I did not do anything, just let them breed and die. He cares more about his lawn, than about these animals. It is hard for me to understand people, like this. He was right about one thing, though, I act like I do not care about how these people feel. How can I ? They are such *&*^^%holes! I cannot respect anyone who has this attitude.

Now, I am really freaked out because I have a contract on my house, but I cannot move to my coveted acreage with the kitties until we sell 9 units at our big project. I need that money to buy the farm! If they are not sold, I may have to move into one the units (which is 10 blocks away) until they all sell. This means I have to drive over to feed the kitties and well, it looks like people are gonna be mad about that. I won't be able to feed them on my porch, because I won't live there anymore. I am so livid, right now, I could scream!

I have his address if ya wanna send some HATE mail. LOL Not so funny, I know.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three's company

Well, I ventured out to trap that other Siemese kitten and it worked. It did not take long, but I waited almost 45 minutes trying to get mama. I thought she came round, but no luck. I will try the next two days, using her kittens. If that does not work, then we may have to make a drop trap to catch her. She is no dumb dumb. Remember how she escaped from a trap? Well, now she knows. I really hate it because she is so tiny. She starting having kittens at about 4 months and this is her second litter this year. She is smaller than her last litter, that I have been feeding because she cannot gain anything from being either pregnant or nursing. Poor little baby! The kitten I trapped tonight has one red eye. I am hoping it is just herpes and I can give her lisene. But, I won't know for a bit because she is way to feral to take to a vet. I have them all together because that is how they have been, so hopefully they will all be okay. I tell you these are different from the last rescue. Older and well I cannot even touch them. I will have my work cut out for me. Good thing this is my last week of this term in school and I have 5 days off, because I will need it to socialize these guys. I have to keep thinking to myself that they will be better off in the end, even though they are scared out of their mind right now.

Thanks everyone for your prayers. I know god has answered mine tonight.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Trapped Two Kittens!!

Upon walking the dog, this evening, I decided to walk down to where I feed my feral colony. I ran into 3 of mama kitties litter. They look like 8 weeks old. So, we set two traps and were able to snag two. They are feisty and wild and tore the crap out of my arm. I was wearing gloves, but I could not get a hold of their necks properly. It is not so bad, the adrenaline was going so it just now is starting to sting. Anyway, I was able to get them into the big dog kennel in the garage. I am hoping to use them as bate to get mama, but I want to get her other kitten first. It is 80 degrees out in the garage. So once I get them all, I will bring them in the house. It will be a chore to get them tame. They were crawling all of the kennel, poor things are probably frightened to death without mom. If you have any suggestions or words of wisdom to help me with taming them, please let me know. Otherwise just keep them in your prayers.

Doesn't the siemese look just like the last one I rescued? Looks like I have to hunt down their papa! Grrr.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Spooky Time Jingles and the ASPCA

Check out Spookytime Jingles, a Halloween and Christmas folk art & whimsy artist collective, starting out on the 13th. It is their 1 year anniversary. To celebrate they are raising money for the ASPCA. Many of their member artists are donating a percent of their sales to cats and dogs in need. 100% of the sales of two of Snippets Halloween munchkins will go toward the animals and 15% of all of her other pieces will be donated as well. For more information, visit the Spooky Time Jingles blog.

Premio Meme Award

The Cat in The Clover, as awarded me the Premio Meme Award. Go visit her site. She makes the cutest items for your cat. The rules of the award are to share seven facts about myself and then pass the award to seven others.

I do struggle with the facts, because I am already an open book...what else could someone possibly want to know? hmmmhmmm.

1. I am turning the big 4 0 this fall.
2. I like cats more than dogs, but all animals have a place in my heart.
3. I like to play golf.
4. I grew up in a small town in Ohio
5. I want to own a cat farm...heeheeheeheehee (sanctuary really)
6. I am the 4th child out of 6.
7. Someday I will be a famous childrens book author, illustrator and animator!!!! haha

I will update this post when I have a chance to pass it on...check back!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Look at this poor little pooper. Carrie from SNIPPETS is fostering him/her. If you have not already visited her site, go now. She is selling her figures right now to raise money to pay for some much needed spaying. This little one was abandoned with his siblings and momma at a stock yard. Unfortunately, not all of them survived, but she is taking great care of the ones that did. Bless her soul!

On my own kitty trappings, not much going on. There may be some males to get here soon. And mama's babies have not come out of hiding yet. I cannot get to them, so I will have to wait and see what happens. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Help raise money for SNIPPETS

Dear friends,

Carrie at Snippet is selling her art on ESTY to raise money for a couple emergencies snips. That is TNR (trap neuter/spay release) If you were ever thinking about purchasing one of her many wonderful pieces, now is the time. I just bought two of the kitties I was drooling over!

This bunny is darling, isn't she?