One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alley cats, everywhere!

While I was out picking up the Elusive One from the vet, I decided I would go down a few alleys, on my way. Here are some kitties (already can see the clip in their ear) Thank goodness. Find a covered vehicle or an old trailer and you will find kitties!!!

Bad news X2

There was no way I was getting a better picture. This female was the wildest of the bunch. I had to release her right away, after picking her up at the vet...She is NURSING! Dang it. So, I have no idea if her litter was OK the 8 hours she was gone. I have mixed feeling about that. Not that I want her litter to die, but OMG that means it starts all over. I doubt this momma will bring her 5 week old litter over to where I feed them all. I feel like "one step forward, three steps back!" I did not cry, though. Normally, I would!! I was thinking that the gray and white kitty may still have her milk...does a colony share litter duties? Would she feed her granddaughter's litter, while she was gone? lol I know, wishful thinking.

The other bad news is the vet said she had fluid in her stomach and she may have a viral infection. If she does, she will deteriorate pretty rapidly, the next couple weeks. It is a "maybe", though. The vet said she could (and hopes) to be wrong! Let's pray she is wrong!


I captured the "elusive one", this morning. I think she may be pregnant with her first litter, but the vet will abort if she is early enough on. Now, I am not advocating aborting, by any means. It is a tough decision, but this little feral kitty is way too wild to keep in a kennel for more than 2 months while she gestates and has her babies.

Momma kitty on the other hand, may be far too along to spay. So, I may be stuck with her and her babies. Momma is not so afraid of me, but I just hope I can capture her in time. She will be the only one left of her colony. Though, there are so many other colonies, just blocks away from this one. So, I will be walking the neighbor hood and leaving my information with people to look out for me for strays.

(I will add an image of the Elusive One this afternoon, when she comes back from the vet!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Uncle Buddy & more kitty fun...

Buddy has taken to the kittens. He helps clean you can see. So, cute. He is only allowed to be with them, when I supervise, but they really like him. This is great, because I needed to socialize them with another cat. Dana is slowly accepting them....I mean real As for Shadow...well, you know her. "I want NON of it!"

The kittens have been playing more and more, started purring and making other cute little squeeks. It is so much fun to watch. Who needs TV, right?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Have you had enough of the cuteness, yet?

LOL Come on, they grow up soooo fast! They were ready to leave that kennel this morning!!! So, I am letting them have the library. They love climbing this carpet thing. This was Polly's room, but she did not like that they were climbing around her, so I moved her upstairs. I do not want them learning anymore bad habits like growling and hissing at other cats! I had to stuff a pillow under a chair and remove the footstool, because they want to hide under there. I could not imagine letting one of these loose in the house. 3500 sf..I would never find them! You could totally step on one and that would be it! yikes. Till next time...Happy trapping tomorrow, I pray!

Homes for all

I am so thrilled. Looks like all the kitties may have found homes. The lady who wants the Seal Point, female said she may want two, so they can have a buddy. That is perfect. So, this little black female will get to be with her sister. The family wants to come look at them this afternoon! So, in three weeks they will be gone. I know I will miss them...but not miss getting up at 6 am!!!

I am trying to trap another female, tomorrow. Hopefully Momma kitty, but anybody will do! Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just get into the trap will ya?

Well, momma kitty (the little black one) did not go into the trap, this morning. I got up at 630! Anyway, I am taking the trap down the alley here in the next half hour to see if I can get the Elusive one.

As well as taking this little family to the Cat Care Society, if they will have them...reminds me I should call them now!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Remember the elusive one?

Well, I think she is pregnant. I noticed her as I walked down the alley this morning. She looks just like her brothers, but has a belly now. UHOH! I have two appointments this week. One tomorrow (which I pray I can capture the black "mama" -) and then the "elusive" on on Friday. Gosh, if I cannot get mama kitty tomorrow morning, I am screwed. She looks like she is ready to have her babies. The vet said if she is due soon, they would keep her their and let her have the babies. I am so hoping that it works. Otherwise I will have another litter to deal with and doubt I will be able to find it, like this last one. I really need god's assistance this week!!! Out of the colony I have these two pregnant females and the one big male. Can you believe it? WOW. Then it is off to find more kitties that need saving......Believe me, I won't have to go very far, unfortunately!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I hope this works!

Well, I was able to get mama into a trap using the kitties as bait. It was real easy! This is the set up I have in my garage. It is a dog kennel. The Cat Care Society or The MaxFund (non kill shelters) are not open till Tuesday. So, I have to keep them in here till then. I really hope they will take them. Wish me luck.

Spring Kittens are here!

I went to put food out for the feral kitties in the alley before church, this morning and ran into some kittens. This litter must belong to that gray and white kitty. They look about 4 weeks old. They are hissing a little, but are too small to do anything about it. I am hoping to use them as bate to lure their momma into a trap, this afternoon. There is a church right there and can get a lot of traffic, so I have to wait till that dies down. Wish me luck. I feel very fortunate that she left them out in a place I could get them.

Friday, April 17, 2009

~Renee Award~

Thanks Carrie from SNIPPETGIRL for bestowing me with the Renee award.
Carrie makes wonderful whimsical paper clay figures that will steal your heart!

You spread joy and love like an acorn small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak that keeps on giving acorns.....

I supposed to pass this onto a few artist/bloggers and well gosh there are so many wonderful friends out there...

Love the Prim Look
- because she keeps on giving and is always offering her art for my cause. I know she has a tag/award free blog...but that does not mean she does not deserve this! :)

Crow Productions - because without her encouragement I would be overly devastated at times!

Fran Caldwell - for always being so kind and sending people to my blog. Thanks for all the support.

But anyone I have not mention it is just because I am being lazy, lol. You all are so very generous and kind. Thanks for being there!

A Kitty Play House!

Here is a fun project. I am definitely gonna make my kitties this. How CUTE!!!

Click Here for instructions. Provided by

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funny Kitties

At least someone is not afraid of the trap. I just had to share my kitties playing. If they only knew, right? LOL

The Elusive One

Remember me posting about the third kitten, that I thought got killed? Well, guess who I ran into today. He or she is still hanging with his siblings, but is more feral than them, so he never comes out when I go to feed. Well, that is good news, but now I gotta trap him/her. If it is a female she could very well be pregnant already. Great! Let the work begin!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is pretty much how I feel, right now. After two weeks of trying to capture mama kitty. I have been holding off for a few days. The vet is closed Saturday thru Monday. I need help with the crate if I am going to attempt that...but, hubby is too busy to help me.

I have not found a home for this little buddy, yet. He and Buddy play a lot and I am gonna be sad to have to give him up, especially now he is feeling like this is his home.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting a new trap

I decided to order this trap. It is a double door trap, that may make it easier to capture those kitties that won't go in. Lets hope so. I own a big raccoon trap (The one Mama escaped from, two weeks ago) is too big and bulky for me to get food in it and just did not perform well. So, I had to rent one from the Cat Car Clinic for this week. This one cost about $75, but last time I rented one it ended up costing me $30, so at least I will have one of my own. I really pray I can get mama this week. I decided I may try to put a big cat carrier out on the porch with a string attached and see if she will go in that. I am at my wits end with her, really. I am so scared I am gonna have another litter on my hands. She has her den no where I can get at, so trying to get to the kittens would be impossible. Therefore I would have to wait till they got old enough to come out.

Thanks for all your donations. I would not have been able to afford this trap without them, plus getting all of them fixed! You have all been a blessing!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chipper little fella & more waiting

Well, this little guy just got home from the vet.
He was a real sweetheart, the ladies said. I got him home and he wanted to eat right away, even play. I am sure he is still drugged up, but he sure is not acting like it. Wandering around doing his normal thing. I have a few leads on people who may want to adopt him, but nothing set yet. I hope it is a good forever home for him .
I rented a trap from the Cat Care Society. The one I had was a raccoon trap and not very user friendly. Here is mama kitty sitting there, not falling for it, as I write this blog. Gosh, I have had so many problems with her. Is it because she's probably pregnant. Maybe their instincts are more heightened. Gosh, I really do not want to deal with another litter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A sweet stray

I found this young male cat outside late last night. I brought him in. He came right up to me. I had to keep him in the laundry room for fear he would spray something. He is very sweet. NOT NEUTERED! So, I am making an appointment to get him fixed (regardless if he belongs to someone or not) I just cannot wait or trust that person to fix him. I am having a hard time with wanting to just find him a home instead of seeing if he belongs to anyone. I don't feel his owners (if any) deserve a cat. Letting them roam around late at night will it's balls intact! This is exactly why we have a farel population! Don't get me started.

There has been a young black male coming to eat late at night, too. Now, I have 4 on my list to fix. Not including ones I am not seeing. Spring is here and looks I will be busy!

Look at this crazy cat

This tree is two doors down my street. This is buddy. He chased some birds up it, then kept climbing. I was watching him the whole time. Maybe he was showing off. I was scared though. I did not want to have to call the fire dept. LOL So, I pulled out his laser light (it has a key chain on it) He made it down. I felt bad though, cuz it was too light out to play. Teaze!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Love this woman~

Frustrated and tired

More of the same, yesterday. Momma not going in the trap. Then the mail man scares her off. Our neighbors cat comes by (which I have now trapped in my home and not freeing him till I get her caught. Then a census person comes by. Okay, I cannot take this anymore!! I am on my last emotional end with trying to get Momma!! This is the third day. She is not taken the bate and even when she does go in, it is so slow and cautious the darn thing doesn't go off!!! I have already cried because I am just putting so much effort into this and Then around dinner time, she went in. She was caught, I was so thrilled. I went to cover the cage to bring her in and whoop she GOT OUT!!! OMG, the leaver did not close all the way so she was able to push it enough. Now I cried again! Could hardly eat my dinner. Now she may never go in again! WHYYYYYYY? I ask god. I am gonna go crazy.
I do not drink or smoke, but at this point both are starting to look pretty good!

Image from TGIFridays

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trapping Woes

I had the trap all ready and momma kittie was getting ready to go in...then two ladies with three dogs decide to stand right in front of my house. Bye bye moma kitty!! UUUGGHH. Thanks a lot!!! I get no apologies either!

Mama did come back, after 10 minutes, went into the cage 4 times, never close enough to the capture leaver. So I put cardboard down, thinking it would move with her weight. NOPE. She ate and left. WOW, I used this trap before, so I know it works.

It is not the same trap that I rented. I cannot remember if their lever is closer to the middle. At least she will be getting comfortable with eating in a trap...but gosh my heart was raising for 20 minutes waiting.

Now, it is snowing, so I doubt she will come visit tonight or tomorrow. I sure do spend a whole lot of time trying! I kept praying and praying. Does God have another plan for her? I'll keep trying. Just hope she does not decide to pop some babies out before I get her!

Removing a Fox

A red fox has been frequenting our block more than a few times a night. He/she would normally eat some of my cat food, but now it is after the cats! Joan lives across the street. She takes care of a cat colony as well and we keep seeing this guy chasing the local cats. We live IN the city and believe this guy has been living on an empty lot (which is now being developed)

I have a call into a wild animal control company. It may cost more than $500 to remove this guy. Plus, Joan said she saw a smaller brown version last week in a physical fight with a cat. So, I could be dealing with a couple, plus they may have a den with litter! UGGGH! I do not have a $1,000 to protect these cats, but I really feel I need to do something. If you have any suggestions, let me know!!

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