One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Congratulations Christine Green and Linda Green .

Sunday, January 25, 2009

~Still coming around~

I am reusing this image from earlier. I got up at 730 this morning and this cat was coming to eat. Our room mate, Shelby said that this cat has been coming up each, I guess he is a stray after all. I am going to start putting the trap out on my porch and see if I can get him. I may have to feed thru the trap for a few days, but hopefully it will work. I am concerned, though, that he could be fixed already. There is another woman, a few blocks away (in yet another alley) lol that has been trapping near her house. She usually has their ears clipped, so maybe she missed this one. I know he has been coming from over that way. I guess if he has been trapped before he probably won't fall for it again.

That is a big problem in this HOOD. People do not care for their pets properly and let them run around or just let them out and they never go back. I do not blame the kitties for that...I would run away from some owners too! Yikes.
I know, I am brutally honest...a flaw and a strength, depending on who's reading.

Anyway, It is really cold here more 65 degrees (that was nice.) I hope it warms up though. God had answered my prayers so far about a mild winter. I am always worried about the kitties living outdoors. At least they have me and my food. I wish I could set up a sanctuary for them. Unfortunately, that is not possible.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, I waited almost an hour this morning. I saw the big male cat come out, but he did not enter the cage. The only ones coming out lately are the two I fixed...they know I bring food. I hate to have to say this, but I may have to trap at night. Gosh , I am not happy about that. You see, I am all alone in this endeavor and sitting in an alley down the street at night, when I do not even know when they come not something I want to do.

I may have to start putting the trap on my front porch in hopes of getting one. I do have random cats coming by in the middle of the night, I am sure. I really wish I had the help of those people that live on that block. It would help me tremendously, if they could put the trap out at 6 am and then I won't have to sit there for an hour each morning! I am frustrated, can you tell? I have not seen any of the kittens in weeks..I am beginning to worry that they got killed! For crying out loud...I am so annoyed at people right now. Especially my neighbors! grrrr!

At least I have you all to cheer me up. The vet may call me this afternoon and see if she can help, in some way. I may have no other alternative than to try to trap at night or set one on my porch at 4 am or something... I like my sleep, though, so that is gonna be hard. Sometimes, I feel all alone in this endeavor of mine.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~Another Update~

The vet was booked all week, so I have put aside Friday as my trapping day. I am a bit nervous that it will be harder to capture, because the only kitties that come out when I call to eat in the morning are the ones I funny is that though? They know me.

I may have to put a trap out the night before on my front porch. I hate doing that to the kitties..making them sit in a cage all night, that always breaks my heart. So, pray that I have a successful morning on Friday. I need to get one of the males or one of the adult females!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

~A Wonderful Offer~

~Mr & Mrs Mouse~

Angie of Love the Prim Look is donating proceeds from her sale of these two cute little mice to save the kitties. I am in awe of how many wonderfully generous people that I have met. You are all truly a blessing. Thanks for everything.

Friday, January 16, 2009

He's a little guy

This little guy was my catch of the week. He gets released tomorrow. The males have it much better than the females. Lucky him. I am surprised he was still alive. Usually this is close to the age they either get chased out of the colony or killed by the big males. Now he will have a chance to hang around. Now, I just gotta get the other little ones and their mama. She has been eluding me lately. She may be pregnant again, so time is of the essence to catch her. The vet is booked all next week but Friday. So, I think Friday is my lucky I hope.

Again, I want to thank all of you for your donations. With the money I have raised so far, I was able to pay for both these cats vet bills. I still need to raise enough for 5 more, that is about $300. I may have to start cranking out some art to auction off.

Lovely neighbors

I went down the alley, this afternoon, to see if I could get more pictures of the kitties. They did not come out, but I decided to take some pictures of the squealer that they live in. One of the owners had the gawl to tell me that my feeding the cats will cause a mouse problem..lmao. He was the one with all the junk piled in his back yard...the same place all the kitties live. Really? He also told me he wanted me to release them some place else. I told him that was in-humane. He did not care. AOO*&^#!^^!&. He also said he would call the humane society and they would come get them. I told him they would euthanize them...he did not care..A H(*&#! But, I did bring up this conversation with the vet and they assured me no one would come help him rid his problem. I am the only one! HAHAA Take that mister. I know hate the act not the person. I am constantly reminding myself of that, believe me.
Oh here is a picture of the homeless mans pad. I see him leave every morning. I still have not bought any mase, but so far he and his buddy have been harmless. They probably fear me. I could turn them in (weird that the church they are behind has done nothing) Unless they start giving me grief, I will let them sleep on their mattress in peace.

~Frustrating Week, but I finally got one!~

Well, I have been slightly under the weather most of the week, but I still got up at 7 am and sat in my cold car trying to wait for a cat to enter my trap. They teased me both days and i had to cancel my appointments. So, I left the trap out for two more days so they could get used to it. Finally, after all that time, I got one of the little black kittens. He or she is getting fixed right now. I prayed out loud this morning because I was getting frustrated that I have been spending so much time TRYING..with no luck. Thank you lord for finally answering my prayers. I was getting a bit scared it was not going to happen...then what. So, anyway, as I watched for the kitties this morning a NEW male came tabby. Wonderful, as my numbers go down they go back up. At least I am slowly making progress. I keep forgetting my camera this early, so I will share a picture of the poor little poopers this afternoon or when I release him/her.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

~Black & white kitty released today~

I held this little one captive for 2 days. I just wanted to make sure she acclimated to the cold. The first night I had a space heater in the garage, so she was nice and toasty. But last night I shut it off in the evening, so she could get used to the cold again. It is only 40 degrees out today and gets chilly at night. She did really well the crate. It worked. She pooped in the litter box and ate the food and would lay in the carrier, so I had no problem getting her out of there. So, that will definitely be the plan, from now on.

I have been only taking food in the morning, so I can get them accustomed to coming out early. The little black momma kitty came over to investigate after the kitty bolted out of the carrier. Then you can see her little baby running to her from across the!!!

How cute is that little one running?

Friday, January 9, 2009

~One Down~

I captured the little black and white kitty this morning. God answered my prayers on the ease of getting her. She was spayed and the Dr offered it half off so I could afford to get her vaccinated. That was a blessing, because I would have loved to have been able to afford it, but with so many kitties to fix, all the costs add up. Thank you Cat Care Society for that!~

I set up my big dog kennel in the garage with a litter box and food and such, in-case she does not want to urinate in her sleeping place. The last time I neutered a cat he urinated all over himself and that is no way to spend the a stinky tiny trap. If it works out well, I may try to capture one at a time. The less stress for both of us.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

~Polly & Dana have a new home~

Yes, as you can see I adopted both of them. When I went to visit, they said I was approved and I could take them home! YAY!

Polly is so happy to be out of her cage in a quiet place. I could tell the minute she peered out her window and laid on her new bed. Finally!


This is Polly. I met her at the MAX Fund yesterday. You see, I want to adopt a cat from a shelter. I wish I could adopt one off the street, but that is not going to work, since they are all so ferrel. So, I decided I would got to this shelter to take a look. I needed to find a beta cat that would not bug my alpha that I already know SHADOW~ Anyway, I spent two hours there, petting and studying all the kitties. This one was just sleeping in her cage, not getting any attention. I read the board (where all the kitties info was located to see who was a COOL mellow cat that got along with other kitties....When I read her name out loud...POLLY, she cried out to me. How cute she knows her name. I opened her cage and she turned out to be the most loving kitty. They said she had been confined to the cage because all the other kitties scared her (there were 20 in that room) She's been in there since March. Polly is a polydactyl cat. That means has an extra toe on her paws.

So, I decided to reserve her (the Max fund is checking my references and such) She has been in that cage for months now, and she will take a lot of time to adjust to a house
. She will probably be hanging in my laundry room for quite a while getting adjusted.

Anyway, so when I was done making my I thought. I was shown another room of kitties. That is when I met Dana...I do not have picture of her because she was new to the shelter, but she was a tiny pretty. I could not make up my mind now....I wanted to rescue Polly, but I also wanted the pretty Dana...

SO, I signed up for BOTH. I am going to look at them again today, while I am out running errands. I sure hope I can take both of them home real soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~We are scheduled~

I went to the Cat Care Society, today. Got myself three cages and set up an appointment for 3 kitties to get fixed on Friday. I should have taken my camera today, because I got to see the two TOM's that must be the colonies papa's. I think I am gonna get up at 630 the next couple days and see if they will come out. I would much rather get them in the morning, then hold them overnight.
Here is a picture of the Kitty that started it all. She would come up to my house to eat soft food. She had a little schedule and I did not capture her because I thought it was a HE, and thought I wanted him to get a bit bigger my surprise he turned out to be a she and had a litter....ugh

That is why I started going down the alley....and the rest is to speak!

Monday, January 5, 2009

~Here Kitty Kitty~

Well, I go pick up the cages, tomorrow. Yes, I am getting nervous that it will all work out this week. The little black and white one comes out in the morning, so I think I will try to capture him between 7 am to 8 am. Instead of the night before. The less stress for him, the less for me. I just have to take away the food at 10pm the night before, so he/she is hungry. I wish I could tame him. I keep going over in my head about putting him in a big dog kennel and seeing if he would change over time. He reminds me of Felix! (my old rescue kitty that passed away) His momma is out there and I thought I should probably let them be together, since I want to fix her, she won't have company. But, after I fix all these kitties at some point I will have to stop walking down the alley to feed them. Unless someone does not mind..I can put food in my alley but I do not know if they will find the food or the birds will.

Pretty sad when I wish I would win the lottery so I could buy the homes that are currently housing the felines, so I could turn it into a kitty rescue. LOL

Thursday, January 1, 2009

~Where are the kitties?~

I really hope that next weeks trapping goes well. I am praying that I will be successful. The kitties have been hiding more lately and I have not seen all of them coming out to eat as I normally do. I bit worried, but I keep praying that god will help me out those days I try to trap.
It is not gonna be easy, I am afraid. I have to set them and walk down the alley and wait. How long I will wait , I have no idea. I actually have butterflies thinking about trying to do this all on my own. If you are the praying sort, please pray that during my trapping that they will effortlessly go into the traps without any

The alley can be a busy place and I could end up fighting with cars and people walking . I wish I could shut the alley like I can do when I am building a home. That would be funny to pull a permit to rescue only in my world.

I had to move my food for the second time. Someone started throwing it away, again. This time they were nice enough to leave me bowls, but would throw the food in the dumpster. One of the neighbors is letting me use his parking pad. (actually that is where the little kittens hide - under a pile of stuff) And I have asked him to use it during my trapping, because there is no place else somewhat out of the way.

I want to thank everyone for contributing to my cause and posting on their blogs. I am so blessed to know so many wonderful people in the blogger world. You are all just so very wonderful!