One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Update on Moses

Well, I feel very fortunate to have all the cats I do at this point. I have been bringing them into my office so they can watch Moses. He loves the company and always wants to eat when he sees them. It is so sweet. All my therapy animals. I call them. Moses has eaten a whole can of soft food this morning and I am sure he will be fattened up in no time. He is cleaning himself right now. A good sign. The crust on his eye is gone, so I am thrilled about that. I will keep you updated. Moses has a long road ahead of him. He will be caged here in my office for a few weeks, at least. Then I will see what I will do. Chin Chin has been walking around the house now. Always skittish, but it seems to get better every day. I figure that Moses will be happy with all his buddies. We'll just have two cats that don't care for humans. Someday, they will warm up to us, I am sure, but at least they will be spoiled as much as they can be.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Poor Moses

Moses was living in a dirty basement, hiding under cupboards. We had thought he escaped thru a door we left open for him. When I rescued him he was too old to be tamed and he escaped from his cage, so I could not control him. We decided to let him live in Joan's basement. She has a feral colony that lives under her house. So, at least he would have shelter. He never escaped and Joan stopped putting food and water in his location because we thought he took off. Today, I was over there scanning in homework and I hear a cry. I called Joan and she captured him and we moved him back home. In my office. He immediately start drinking the water when he say CC and Dana. He remembers them, so now I am keeping him beside me for months, if I have to. He has lived a horrible life the last couple months. I am so sad for that, but he will be taken care of here. This now makes 10 cats. I am glad I have a big house, but this is gotta stop. I have the kittens for so long they are like a family. I don't think anyone could give them a better home. That is sad. Really. Pray for my Moses here. He is so dehydrated and emaciated and his eye is all crusted over. I hope he is happy now and learns to accept me. This place is paradise from where he was, so maybe he will finally get it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kitten Update

I have been letting Pete and Suede, the foster kittens out of there room. They love the basement. There so much room to chase each other. Too cute. Dana is here tolerating. She's getting better. Then there is Chin Chin, she gets stuck in the library. She is too skittish to have space to roam. She does love the neck massage, though