One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kitten Pictures Vault

Okay, I feel bad. Yes, I have not blogged in what feels like a very long time. I finished my last week of 2nd term. I have one week off, so I am making feral cat shelters with my friend and neighbor Joan. I am also clipping the 4 kittens this week. Joan is going to take the larger "wild" Siamese. I still have not found homes for the other 3. I will probably keep one of the other Siamese, because she turns to mush when you pet her, but is still a "hiss & runner" so, she will take a lot of work. But, I am hoping when I can get her alone for a long time, she will eventually be okay to some degree. They are getting so big I worry that I won't find homes for my two other kittens. Uggh, if I could keep them. Cat lady for sure! (These images are of the litter I rescued in May. They all got loving homes within a few days. Can you see why? All together now...AWWWWWE!


  1. Glad to hear about the kittens again. I'm sure you are very busy. They are so precious. Sure wish I could have one but alas I haven't talked my husband into one yet. Jennifer's one cat is here a lot anyway so it's like I have a part-time cat. Good luck with finding homes.

  2. Have faith Jenny! The Lord will see you through.

  3. I hope you find homes for the kittens! I really admire you for making such a difference in this world!

  4. Aren't they so sweet. I wish you had homes for all of them. Have fun with Joan. Even if it is work, I am sure you two have a good time together.

    I bet she does turn to mush. They are all adorable.

    I bet you have been busy with happy for you thou.

    Have a great and productive day, Jenny.