One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's funny now....

This morning, I get up at 7 am to check on the kittens and give them their morning meal. First, I have to explain...the other day, two of the little kittens somehow got behind the washer and dryer. I have blankets, pillows, a board and towels set up so they cannot sneak back their to hide. Well, somehow they managed. So, I had a heck of a time, pulling the dryer out from the wall and trying to scare them out. Then I had to climb back there and wrestle with them (they were freaking out at this point) My leg got all scratched up, but I got them out. Then I set up even more pillows to make sure they cannot find another way back there.

Sooooo....anyway, back to this morning. I walk into the room and there was one kitty sitting on the dryer. NO OTHER kitties around. I checked the cabinets and everywhere I could think (the room is small mind you) So, I thought...great the two farels are behind the washer/dryer. SO, I woke up Dave and we pulled the dryer kitties. We sat there looking at each other. LORD, how can they just disappear? We looked for holes in the machines that they may have climbed up in. We were pretty much dumbfounded. Then Dave opens a cabinet and finds them behind all my paint supplies. Oh what a relief. I have no idea how they can open a cabinet and crawl in (one up on the wall even) Not too fun to deal with first thing in the morning, that is for sure.


  1. oh that is too funny...our cats open my bathroom cabinet and climb in on occasion..we had one cat that could open doors as long as they were handle type doors..we even have her on camera..she used to snatch my lollipops too..caught her in the act..;)

  2. Oh the little dickens. That is funny! I am sure it wasn't before coffee but I was not the intended victim. LOL
    Okay so how does a cat get on the top of a door. yes, the very top of a bathroom door and couldn't get down. LOl
    go figure.

  3. Those little stinkers. They are determined to find a way out!

  4. You would be surprise whare kittens can get.Their bones are so flexiable.You are doing such good works Jenny.I pray for your continued success.I have a picture of one of my dogs on my blog.I just posted it this week.Check him out,and he's tiny.XXOO Marie Antionette

  5. Tricky little things. LOL I could just picture you climbing behind the dryer and I bet they were freaking out. I hope you didn't get scratched up to bad.

    Now you have to "cat Proof" your home, instead of child proof your homw. LOL

    You are by far a generous soul. You know you are being smiled down upon, from up above...for the work that you are doing, don't you?