One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Unbelievable people

I am sitting here writing this, just after I pretty much balled my eyes out. If you follow my story, you know that the neighbors in the alley that I have been rescuing are not happy about my mission. I ran into the main guy who is very frustrated at me. He wishes I would not feed them and well would not do anything with them. He says they had a cat problem, but I am making it worse. I said he sees the cats now because they are not afraid to come out during the day. He thinks he would be better off if I did not do anything, just let them breed and die. He cares more about his lawn, than about these animals. It is hard for me to understand people, like this. He was right about one thing, though, I act like I do not care about how these people feel. How can I ? They are such *&*^^%holes! I cannot respect anyone who has this attitude.

Now, I am really freaked out because I have a contract on my house, but I cannot move to my coveted acreage with the kitties until we sell 9 units at our big project. I need that money to buy the farm! If they are not sold, I may have to move into one the units (which is 10 blocks away) until they all sell. This means I have to drive over to feed the kitties and well, it looks like people are gonna be mad about that. I won't be able to feed them on my porch, because I won't live there anymore. I am so livid, right now, I could scream!

I have his address if ya wanna send some HATE mail. LOL Not so funny, I know.


  1. Oh, Jenny, I am SOOOOO sorry!!!! I feel your pain and i know how frustrated, sad and angry you must feel. The main thing that annoys me is when someone says we have a "cat problem" like that guy did. It's not a cat problem. It's a PEOPLE PROBLEM!!!! Irresponsible people a) abandoned their cats like trash and b) didn't spay and neuter them!!!! Now, a responsible, kind hearted soul like you is left to clean up the mess. I just wish your neighbors could understand that. Unfortunately, when people hate cats, it's hard to make them change. But you are right in what you are doing and hopefully, your compassion will spread and at least plant a seed in their minds.

  2. Jenny, have you explained to the xosxhole that, when you trap the cats/kittens, and release them back they are spayed and neutered and the population will dwindle down? And, if people would stop dropping their cat/kittens off to fend for themselves and if they spayed and neuered their own pets this would not be a problem. Duh, some people are so clueless, they think these animals can survive without food, water and the love of someone like you.
    Keep doing what you are doing, God gave you a mission and you go for it.
    Blessings on your journey~Cheryl

  3. I don't blame you - I would be hollering and crying too. I will pray that all goes well for you.