One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Uncle Buddy & more kitty fun...

Buddy has taken to the kittens. He helps clean you can see. So, cute. He is only allowed to be with them, when I supervise, but they really like him. This is great, because I needed to socialize them with another cat. Dana is slowly accepting them....I mean real As for Shadow...well, you know her. "I want NON of it!"

The kittens have been playing more and more, started purring and making other cute little squeeks. It is so much fun to watch. Who needs TV, right?


  1. SUCH cuteness!Love the photos. One of our boys, Rooney, is the kitten ambassador. He always plays with our foster kittens and shows them the ropes. The rest of my gang wants nothing to do with them.
    Hope you've had a great weekend! Thanks for you message on my blog...i can't believe you are one of 6. Wowee! I am an only child and always wanted a big or little sis :).

  2. Your kitty pictures are soooo cute! I wish I could have all of those to kiss and hug on. You are so lucky to be able to do what you are doing. They are such kissable creations!

  3. oh they are hysterical...into everything..what cute little stinkers they are...;)I just wanna squeeze em...

  4. How sweet of Buddy - adorable pictures! And I agree - you don't need TV when you have kitties around!

  5. Just found your post. Thank you from all the strays, ferals, hurt and abandoned kitties everywhere, you are a special person. Stop by my blog, I have dedicated my blog to animals. I haven't posted in awhile as I have to have hand surgery. Would it be ok if I posted about your blog on my blog.
    Oh, I love your blog, It will be saved under my FAVORITES.
    Bless you~Cheryl