One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chipper little fella & more waiting

Well, this little guy just got home from the vet.
He was a real sweetheart, the ladies said. I got him home and he wanted to eat right away, even play. I am sure he is still drugged up, but he sure is not acting like it. Wandering around doing his normal thing. I have a few leads on people who may want to adopt him, but nothing set yet. I hope it is a good forever home for him .
I rented a trap from the Cat Care Society. The one I had was a raccoon trap and not very user friendly. Here is mama kitty sitting there, not falling for it, as I write this blog. Gosh, I have had so many problems with her. Is it because she's probably pregnant. Maybe their instincts are more heightened. Gosh, I really do not want to deal with another litter!


  1. I am convinced that pregnant cats have a sixth sense! I have been trying to get several pregnant cats and none of them seem to be even tempted to get in the traps. My husband and I found yet another colony on the way home from the gym. It is going to be a crazy spring.
    I hope you can get this mama kitty eventually!! And my fingers are crossed that you find that cute little man a good home.
    Purrs, C

  2. Thanks Cris~

    My husband was trying to give me advice last night. I was a bit irritated because he never helps, so I was like...if you think your so I hear with the pregnant cats. She would not even go in. If it is not that, then I have other cats coming around ruining the moment. Darn neighbors!

  3. I just love that black and white boy. He just looks soo sweet. I sure hope you can find a home for him. Good luck with Mommy again. Maybe the better cage will help.


  4. hey lady. I just sent a little love over through (seppie_inc paypal). I wish I could have sent more but I hope to in the future for such an amazing cause that you have so honorable taken on Thank You!