One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tears in my eyes

I am dealing with someone throwing away my cat food, AGAIN. I have been forced to write to all the neighbors to offer money to rent a spot. Maybe someone will offer. I am worried that no one will step up and I am getting really irritated now. How can people be so mean? I really cannot afford to pay $100 a month just to rent a feeding spot. How ridiculous that I have to do that. And now I am feeling so guilty that I released those 3 kitties. How can I capture them NOW? I am sure they won't go into the cage again.

I cannot stop thinking about my delema. I am beginning to feel like I am getting sabotage right and left. This has become such a burden for me emotionally. I am having such a tough time! Any suggestions on how I can capture kitties that know better? How do I tame them? I cannot exactly keep them in my garage, they will find their way back to the colony and I am still stuck with the same problem. Is it a wise idea to put them in this cage? At least till I move to a farm or find them a place to live? If I did not have a dog, I would love to keep them in my back yard, but I think they would jump the fence and leave. AAAAAAHHHHHH! I pray every moment for guidance and support. When will it come?


  1. Hey Jenny,
    I am trying to put myself in your position and think about what i'd do. I SO want to be able to give you helpful advice.
    First, i would move the food to my own property so that no one could discard it. I would put out tuna and canned food at their normal feeding times to lure them down to my spot. I did this with a cat in Atlanta...we were feeding here in an empty lot that get fenced in so i had to find another place to feed her. She found it quickly.
    I wouldn't try to tame them unless you are able to get near any of them and make physical contact. It's just so difficult to tame feral cats once they are more than a few months old. Every cat is different, but the general rule is that it is better to let them be (for everyone's sake). I have seen feral cats kept inside that were SO miserable and it was heartbreaking. I think you mentioned that some are friendly and approachable...were probably abandoned pets rather than ferals born on the street. They could certainly be taken in. Are there any cat rescue/adoption groups in your area?
    I know this whole situation is awfully frustrating. Try to remember that the fact that you have spayed and neutered many of them is the best and kindest thing you can do. You can't let it take over your life. I had that happen and it was miserable. Now, i have to set boundaries and maintain balance. Easier said than done, but it is possible.
    I don't know if you have contacted Alley Cat Allies, but they might be able to offer you more advice and assistance. I went to their website all the time when i first started dealing with feral cats.
    Thinking of you and sending many purrs and hugs,

  2. Thanks Carrie~

    I just spoke to my neighbor who lets ferals stay under her house (in her crawl space) she lives across the street, so Iam gonna do the tuna thing to get them to her house and buy her some cat houses in case they don't go under the house..but I think that will work. She cares as much as I do and if I can get them to move to that spot, my prayers would be answered!!

  3. I agree with Carrie. I know it has to be heartbreaking. I know there are groups here in St. Louis that help each other with these kinds of problems. We have friends that belong to a dog group of this type. I would reach out to groups in your area for more support and advice.

    Hugs, Jennifer