One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Tribute

Felix was an old cat that hung around our neighborhood, way before we moved in. We tore down an old abandoned building to build our home. As soon as we moved in he claimed our house as his retirement home. He loved our dog and slept on his bed most of the day. He was really an old wise kitty. He was never bothered by any other cats or dogs, for that matter.

He was very skinny and I found out from the vet he had a thyroid problem, so I started giving him medicine to gain weight. He only lived for a couple years, after we moved in, though. He was about 16. We baried him in our yard with a heart stone . That was a very sad weekend, because we knew it was coming and we watched him struggled as he left us. I was very angry with god, that day for taking him that way, but I try to always think of the wonderful kitty he was. He had a lot of love!

This painting, reminds me of him. It is by Cris of Mommy's Midwest Mountain Folk Art. She is an wonderful outsider artist who loves putting whimsy kitties in her cute little paintings. I adore them!!

In other trapping news: I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow, so I hope I can capture a kitty, tonight or tomorrow morning. I am afraid since the time changed, that they are not used to my feeding time. I have only seen one (unspayed) come out diligently, for breakfast, lately. Wish me blessings for a smooth capture!


  1. Hes so cute!remind me of our part siamese cat we had when my oldest was young.He died in her arms.I hear cats can get alot of thyroid problems.When I had radioactive iodine for my cancer thyroid i worried about my cats.I didnt allow them near me for long.I think they felt I didnt love them anymore,LOL.I do wish you great blessing for a smooth capture tommorrow.Good Luck!

  2. He is so very handsome! Love those white cheeks. He was one lucky boy to have lived out his final years with you.
    Fingers crossed that you have a successful trapping!