One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Pray for the little ones!

I went to feed the kitties today and the owner of the lot I was using said he has had enough. I am no longer able to use his spot. He is going to remove all the junk (the kitties den) when it gets warm out. Luckily, I had placed their food under the tap yesterday, so it would not get snowed that is there (for today's meal). No soft food or fresh water, though. I could not put it anyplace else as we have a foot of snow. I will start trying to get them to come eat a little closer everyday. Not sure how that is gonna go. I just need them to find my house ( a block away)

Another thing is the foxes have been out every night...going after the cats and I worry that now the little ones have to venture far to get their meals and risk getting caught, they are too small to jump big fences and may not be keen enough to know what to do.
My friend Carrie aka Snippet Girl commented on a question I had and she said something I can relate to : Sometimes i wish i could close my eyes and shut off my mind and stop my heart from caring. I just love animals especially cats SOOOOOOO ridiculously much. The reason I think this sometimes is because it hurts so much to worry about them and we know all too well how cruel humans can be!

Please pray for the three little ones I have fixed lately. Pray that they are safe, strong, and find food an shelter. Pray that I find comfort and faith that they will be ok.


  1. Does your house lead to the alley? why not have dave build them a little shed/shelter for them that they can sleep in and start feeding them there..those little ones are just too precious and I pray for those babies all over the world have safe shelter and good food in their bellies every day...

  2. How very frustrating for you, Jenny. How can people be so very cold and heartless.....and BLIND! I honestly can not see why peple can not see, that you are trying to help!

    I will continue to pray for you and the sweet little kitty-cats. I posted a big thing on my blog for you. I hope it helps. I don't know why I didn't post it earlier. Wish I could help more, Jenny.

    Stay Strong and yes, some people, should not even be called "human".


  3. Oh me, Jenny, i can totally empathize with your worry, pain and frustration. I'll never understand how people can lack compassion and are unable to realize that this whole homeless cat problem is due to human irresponsibility and neglect.
    I can almost promise that if you put the food near your house that they will find it...especially if you add some tuna or fishy food for awhile to lure them that way. I am amazed at how many cats have found the food on our front porch. There is a cat i trapped and spayed behind our Kroger which is several blocks away, and she has now found her way to our house. Amazing.
    I purchased a few feral cat shelters from this website
    I like what your husband said about hating the acts of people and not the people. I need to remember that too.
    Many purrs and hugs,

  4. I agree with snippetgirl.A cat has excellent sense of smell.They will find the food.Its so true what your husband said almost like you hate the sin but not the sinner the same thing.He made a good point.I know what you mean as well I have fallen into the trap of one day just thinking I hate everyone today.Sometimes we actually do mean that because people in their own ways have problems as well.if they are having a bad day and then come down on us then thats why you say that.Or thats why I say it anyway lol.We always should remember to hate only the sin and not the sinner.Anyway off that topic,lol I hoping things will work out for you jenny.God Bless!