One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Poor Kitty

This is little mama kitty. I have not named any of the ferel kitties. Maybe because that would make it even harder for me if something happened to them. Anyway, this little one was the reason I started going down the alley. She is back hanging out near my porch around 33opm to 5pm. She eats, then hangs out behind my bush, then eats again..before leaving for the afternoon.

She may be pregnant again. She has not been easy to capture. I am not wanting to get her at 5pm and have her sit in a cage till the next morning. So, I think I have to get up at near sunrise to start putting fresh food out...maybe she will come more often, if she is pregnant. Then I can try to cage her in the morning.

If you have any suggestions on how I could get her in the afternoon and have her relaxed for an entire evening, let me know.

Do you see her crusty eyes. She has always had that, maybe from her mom....but the poor thing looks horrible. It looks painful, she squints all the time. Maybe the vet can put something in her eyes when she is under...we'll see.

I am going to try to either capture her or one of her kitties (now he/she is about 5 months) so, I will keep you posted.


  1. Good luck Jenny. Her little crusty eyes were the first thing I noticed. Poor thing.

  2. Hey Jenny, Thank you for trying to help this poor sweetie...she is lucky to have you watching over her. As for trapping... I have always trapped at night. Once the cat is in the trap, i immediately cover it with a sheet or towel which totally calms them down and makes them feel safe. It works every time. Then, I just line my garage or bathroom floor with newspaper and a trash bag and place the trap there until it's time to transport to the clinic in the am. I hope you can get her and i hope the dr. can help with her eyes!
    Bets wishes, Carrie

  3. How did you go with Crusty Eyed Baby, Jenny? Did you manage to get her in for the night?

  4. Hi Fran!~

    I call her mama kitty...and no yet. She is a little raskel, that one...I will have to be very clever with her...she is a hard one to get in the cage...I will post it when she is captured, though.

  5. Jen - Remind me this weekend and I'll give you some L-Lysine. You can mush it up and put it in her food. In a week her eye's will be so much better. I'm betting she's got what Bubba's got which is feline herpes of the eye. NOT contagious to humans or other animals. It's completely manageable by L-Lysine. Bubba only gets his when his eyes get goopie - like once a month he'll get one or two pills over two days and he's good to go for weeks after. It's pretty inexpensive and I just mush it up in a mortar and pestel then disolve it in his milk - but you could do the same thing and mix it into the soft food you give her. Stop by whenever and I'll give you a few to try. Odds are she's passed it on to her little ones too, so if she's nursing the Lysine will help them too.