One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~We are scheduled~

I went to the Cat Care Society, today. Got myself three cages and set up an appointment for 3 kitties to get fixed on Friday. I should have taken my camera today, because I got to see the two TOM's that must be the colonies papa's. I think I am gonna get up at 630 the next couple days and see if they will come out. I would much rather get them in the morning, then hold them overnight.
Here is a picture of the Kitty that started it all. She would come up to my house to eat soft food. She had a little schedule and I did not capture her because I thought it was a HE, and thought I wanted him to get a bit bigger my surprise he turned out to be a she and had a litter....ugh

That is why I started going down the alley....and the rest is to speak!


  1. Oh gees, Jenny. I wish I could help you. I will be thinking about you when my alarm goes off. I will say a little prayer. Fingers crossed and all of that.


  2. I wish I could help as well.Thats a sweet pic the top one of them following mom,LOL.Best of luck!

  3. hi there and happy new year to you and yours.
    What a wonderful thing you are doing.
    can international people take part in the kitty draw for the dolls , if so how can we manke donation....would you be able to do it paypal ?
    if internationals can participate can I put this on my blog and use your doll photos to show the raffle items

    look forward to hearing from you
    joan in italy