One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

~Still coming around~

I am reusing this image from earlier. I got up at 730 this morning and this cat was coming to eat. Our room mate, Shelby said that this cat has been coming up each, I guess he is a stray after all. I am going to start putting the trap out on my porch and see if I can get him. I may have to feed thru the trap for a few days, but hopefully it will work. I am concerned, though, that he could be fixed already. There is another woman, a few blocks away (in yet another alley) lol that has been trapping near her house. She usually has their ears clipped, so maybe she missed this one. I know he has been coming from over that way. I guess if he has been trapped before he probably won't fall for it again.

That is a big problem in this HOOD. People do not care for their pets properly and let them run around or just let them out and they never go back. I do not blame the kitties for that...I would run away from some owners too! Yikes.
I know, I am brutally honest...a flaw and a strength, depending on who's reading.

Anyway, It is really cold here more 65 degrees (that was nice.) I hope it warms up though. God had answered my prayers so far about a mild winter. I am always worried about the kitties living outdoors. At least they have me and my food. I wish I could set up a sanctuary for them. Unfortunately, that is not possible.


  1. Hello this cat is beautiful and looks like it has been brushed, not to mention he looks like he eats well are you sure he is a stray ?

  2. Jenny,
    I agree with you 100% and do not blame the kitties one bit. Some owners just do not care and should not have animals at all. Good luck with those kitties!

  3. What a beautiful kitty. Do you ever talk to the woman down the street, maybe she knows something about this kitty.

  4. Pretty kitty Jenny. I am sure you will do well. Patience is all that is required. I admire you for your strength and honesty.