One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is Polly. I met her at the MAX Fund yesterday. You see, I want to adopt a cat from a shelter. I wish I could adopt one off the street, but that is not going to work, since they are all so ferrel. So, I decided I would got to this shelter to take a look. I needed to find a beta cat that would not bug my alpha that I already know SHADOW~ Anyway, I spent two hours there, petting and studying all the kitties. This one was just sleeping in her cage, not getting any attention. I read the board (where all the kitties info was located to see who was a COOL mellow cat that got along with other kitties....When I read her name out loud...POLLY, she cried out to me. How cute she knows her name. I opened her cage and she turned out to be the most loving kitty. They said she had been confined to the cage because all the other kitties scared her (there were 20 in that room) She's been in there since March. Polly is a polydactyl cat. That means has an extra toe on her paws.

So, I decided to reserve her (the Max fund is checking my references and such) She has been in that cage for months now, and she will take a lot of time to adjust to a house
. She will probably be hanging in my laundry room for quite a while getting adjusted.

Anyway, so when I was done making my I thought. I was shown another room of kitties. That is when I met Dana...I do not have picture of her because she was new to the shelter, but she was a tiny pretty. I could not make up my mind now....I wanted to rescue Polly, but I also wanted the pretty Dana...

SO, I signed up for BOTH. I am going to look at them again today, while I am out running errands. I sure hope I can take both of them home real soon.

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  1. Polly is sooo cute! Good luck trying to decide.