One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lovely neighbors

I went down the alley, this afternoon, to see if I could get more pictures of the kitties. They did not come out, but I decided to take some pictures of the squealer that they live in. One of the owners had the gawl to tell me that my feeding the cats will cause a mouse problem..lmao. He was the one with all the junk piled in his back yard...the same place all the kitties live. Really? He also told me he wanted me to release them some place else. I told him that was in-humane. He did not care. AOO*&^#!^^!&. He also said he would call the humane society and they would come get them. I told him they would euthanize them...he did not care..A H(*&#! But, I did bring up this conversation with the vet and they assured me no one would come help him rid his problem. I am the only one! HAHAA Take that mister. I know hate the act not the person. I am constantly reminding myself of that, believe me.
Oh here is a picture of the homeless mans pad. I see him leave every morning. I still have not bought any mase, but so far he and his buddy have been harmless. They probably fear me. I could turn them in (weird that the church they are behind has done nothing) Unless they start giving me grief, I will let them sleep on their mattress in peace.

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