One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

~Who's this?~

We had a little guest on our front porch, this afternoon. I always leave food and water out for the passerby' I have not seen this one before and am wondering if it is just someones house cat that knows the neighborhood. Unfortunately, he or she will be going on the capture list, so if it is someones cat...oh well.

That is the big problem with living in the city. People let their animals roam free. I wish it wasn't so, but that is reality. I have heard that if a dog is out running loose, that is not fixed the ticket is $150 or proof they are nuetered within 2 weeks of the ticket..pretty cool huh?

Wish it were so for kitties. People never have collars on them and just figure it is okay for them to roam the streets.


  1. OH, Jenny! So many kitties! There has to be some organization willing to help you! I hope. :( We made a feral cat a pet when I was little. He was older and had even lost all his teeth, but he turned into the most loving cat. It can be done.

  2. jenny,
    What a cute kitty. Yes, I hate indoor out door kitties. Never was one that liked outdoor only pets. I have one that goes out but she found us and adopted us. I have kept her inside for two weeks now and she is getting like me, a bit of cabin fever. But for her, her own good.
    You will get it all done Jenny. remember patience. You want them to trust people.