One Girl on a mission

One Girl on a mission
85 TNR/Rescues and counting....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update on Traps

I contacted the Cat Care Society. I can rent traps for a $50 deposit. I am needing to rent 3 traps. That will cost me $150. Plus $65 per cat for neutering. The kittens need to be 2lbs, so hopefully they are at that point. They say that kittens older than 8 weeks are not going to be able to tame without handling (and well there is no way they will let me do that) So, I am going to be forced to return them after they get fixed.

Unfortunately, there is no way I can get around keeping them in their traps over night. They only come out during the day now, so they will be forced to stay in the traps, in my garage for two full night. I know...that sucks!

I plan on picking the traps up next Tuesday (after the holidays) and trapping as many as I can that week. Plus, I want to trap these 2 big black males that come on my porch late at night. They seem to be the big bullies in the hood, so I hope I can get them neutered.

So, my total costs so far will be $150 for traps and at least $520 for spaying/neutering. That is not including all the food that I have been buying.


  1. Hey Jen, Can I do something like you are doing to help you too? I could post some of my doll and do the donation thing too...I would love to help you get these babys all neutered etc...just let me know how I can help you..:)

  2. I would love that, hon. I was thinking about doing something like a silent auction, sometime.

    You are a doll!~

  3. I posted your raffle pictures on my blog. Hope you don't mind.


  4. Hi Jenny,
    What a wonderful way to start out the new year with your *kitty cause*.
    It takes a lot of patience, love, time, and money to help these kitties.

  5. Yes, it does Linda~

    I do not have much patience, but I have time and well hopefully I can raise some money. I cannot afford it all by myself. I spent about a thousand two years ago and well, I cannot write it off.

    My husband has patience with me! Cus I am always putting the kitties first and thinking about how to make their lives easier.

  6. Jen-Just though I would post you alittle note.I live in the country end of Pgh. We moved here 6 years ago and I couldn't tell you how many cats and kittens I have taken care of.The problem with the little guys are they have to be handled almost from day 1. We would wait till the mom would be just about ready to deliver and put her in a cage. I hated to do it but it allowed us to take them and get shots and the mom spayed. I later found out that were we live their is a man who has at least 35 outdoor non neutered or spayed cats. Funny how they can't be made to do something. My neightbor resured 100 cats and kittens in 1 summer. So without being a debbie downer, re-think how much time and money you are willing to spend. If it isn't a neighborhood effort the problem is almost impossible for one person to take on. Sometimes a vet in the area will help with cost> I called around and found one who gave them shots and fixing for 1/2 off. Because I pleaded for help.Don't be afraid to ask around your area for other people who would like to get this problem resolved. As far as the food being taken-I was told only to put it out and then take it away at the same time everyday to get a pattern. The neightbor didn't like that I was feeding them till the found out the reason was to help the problem not make a bigger one.
    Good Luck with your endeavor.